Yoni Massage in Beijing – Unforgettable Pleasure and Lasting Health…

Yoni Massage in Beijing – Unforgettable Pleasure and Lasting Health…

Many of us have heard of Yoni massage, but we don’t really know what sort of massage it is and what is involved. Let me explain you what yoni is and why it is so important to understand woman’s body and what we want from our partner.

Yoni massage is considered a spiritual practice for women that allows a woman to connect with her feminine core – her Shakti – her inner Goddess. It can be an important component of Tantric masses if a woman wishes it to be. The practice of Tantra massage or Yoni massage is considered a sexual tantra creating sacred intimacy.

Yoni massage involves the entire body and includes touching, massaging, and arousing the entire body focusing on the hip joint, breast, buttocks, neck, shoulders, and of course the Yoni inside and outside. Yoni massage is focused on all the chakras and elements and on the your energetic, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels.

Yoni Massage Beijing – The 3 Main Aspects

The Yoni massage provides an opportunity for a woman to explore how to best treat her Yoni physically and how to emotionally and mentally connect to empower the highest state.

Pleasure – Opening the body to sensation, pleasure, and ultimately orgasm. Experiencing a different kind of orgasm.
Therapy – Accept and release past pain and trauma that is physical, emotional, or sexual.
Spirituality – Yoni massage and tantric massage or love making should be a spiritual practice. Orgasms are spiritual experiences that require one to be open, trusting, and be able to surrender and experience Shakti the Goddess.

Understanding Yoni Massage

There are tons of benefits to Yoni massage and Tantric massage. The relationship women have with their vagina is often difficult, even traumatic. For a woman, the vagina is a sacred place – a place of love and tenderness.

Yoni massage helps woman learn to trust again regardless of their past experiences. It helps woman to get in touch with their most intimate spaces. Men can benefit by learning about their partners body and by learning to touch their woman in a way that honors her.

Many make the mistake in thinking that orgasm is the goal. While organism is certainly welcomed, it is not the intent. The point of the Yoni massage is not just about the destination but the experience and journey to get to the destination.

The Yoni massage Beijing occurs in a safe space where you and your partner will be comfortable. You’ll start with breathing exercises to help you relax and then that will follow with the Yoni massage. This is a healing experience and an empowering experience for woman from all walks of life.

All our masseuses are professional and experienced and they love what they do. They will be able to teach and explain you how to please them. It is very intimate experience, that can be used with your partners or loved one. It is an experience that will help you to better understand woman’s body, and what we, girls, love…

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