Tantric Massage In Chaoyang. Restore Your Body, Revive Your Soul.

Tantric Massage In Chaoyang. Restore Your Body, Revive Your Soul.

Would you like to know the whereabouts of paradise? We serve you bliss, on king-sized plate – and we never forget the trimmings.

The science and philosophies of tantra have long been cherished, and many people have gone on to experience the earth-shattering orgasmic release that can only come through tantric massage. But it’s not about sex; intense climax is merely a side effect. Rather, it is about spiritual enlightenment, inner healing, and personal growth.

And that is exactly how we approach and deliver our services. No funny stuff, it’s all about treating and pampering you! Here are a few things that make us special…

Stunning, Trained Masseuses

Our luscious masseuses are world-class, to say the very least. Not only are they versed in the teachings of tantra and skilled in the art of full-body sensual massage, but they are also warm, compassionate, friendly, and ethical. In session, the only thing that you need to worry about is relaxing – actually, not even that. Once you surrender to your masseuse, she will take care of absolutely everything!

Trained to the highest of standards, she will use her skilful hands and body to stimulate your mind and tease your senses, applying various strokes and techniques, and incorporating different elements. Delicious scents, sensual oils, soothing music… It’s all designed to send you drifting off on cloud nine. Heck, she will even bathe you. The results? Deep relaxation, healing, realization, and loads of health benefits.

A Range of Related Services

For clients who prefer to focus on just one area of the body, deluxe yoni, lingam and prostate massage are available, and our masseuses will go to great lengths to ensure that you are as comfortable as can be. For those who wish to engage in erotic body-to-body kneading, or couples or group sessions (no, not sex), that’s available, too. You can even tailor sessions to your liking. Our six-hand massage is to die for, by the way!

Are you traveling? Need a bit of discretion? Too tired to trot around? No problem, we will send our professional masseuse to you. She will arrive at your place of accommodation unnoticed, set the dreamy mood, and then deliver the tantric massage of your life! You can just lie back, let your troubles dissolve, and let her work her restorative magic on your aching physique. You will feel like a new person after.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

As if having gorgeous, Goddess-like practitioners caressing you from head to toe isn’t enough, our Tantric Temple is also very conveniently located. We are situated in Gloucester Terrace, Chaoyang, the heart of Beijing; literally just a stone’s throw from shops, markets, hotels, parks, and anything else that you might need. Whether you’re a local or are traveller, you most certainly will not go without.

The transport connections to the rest of Beijing are excellent, too, with buses, taxis and the underground, all being inexpensively at your disposal; getting around before and after a session is a breeze. If you are driving your own vehicle, then you’ll be glad to hear that there is enough safe parking nearby – it’s free during the week. Tantric massage Chaoyang, ladies and gents… come and free your mind, body and soul.

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