TANTRIC MASSAGE IN LONDON Reaching Into Your Soul through the Body

TANTRIC MASSAGE IN LONDON Reaching Into Your Soul through the Body

Tantric massage is a form of Tantra that is practiced in modern society, and tantric massage in Beijing can be experienced in a several respectable parlours, including ours. We pride ourselves in maintaining a client base that just can’t get enough, simply because we understand and express the fundamental aims of Tantra.


Tantra, according to Hindu belief, where the practice originates, is a way of achieving personal growth and development through acknowledging that pleasure is essential to existence. A subtle form of sexual energy is gently aroused and channelled throughout the body, but this is not quite the same as straightforward sexual release – it’s more than just an orgasm. Tantra involves the whole body, arousing every cell and carrying it through to a peak of sheer unabated bliss.


We practice tantric massage in Beijing with the overall aim of providing a sublime form of relaxation and peace to those who approach us, in confidence or otherwise. This form of massage can be learned and practiced between partners at home, and it sometimes is, but when it is experienced in a modern massage parlour setting, elation is certain. It is a professional masseuse who is assigned to summon your ecstasy; a trained tantric who is skilled in the art of Tantra and delight.


Being brought to a state of sexual bliss and held there for a prolonged period of time is conducive to greater health through lowered stress levels, as well as a general lessening of anxiety – both of which are very common. The mind is freed from worry and allowed to ponder pleasant thoughts at will. A deep and long-lasting serenity takes over that can recharge the body from a lower, more complete, fundamental level, in a way that is unique and utterly liberating.


Tantric massage in Beijing can be intimate and sensual. The person providing the massage is in control, and he or she forms a kind of ebb and flow of Tantra energy upwards, downwards and across the whole body, creating a distinct coursing of excitement for the receiver. The massagee is required to surrender completely to the masseuse. There cannot be resistance if there is to be true fulfilment.

This means that the receiver needs to be able to fully trust the one providing the massage. He or she needs to be able to relax fully and go with the flow, quite literally. The experience of Tantra can be different for different people. There is no absolute expectation. However, an exalted state of relaxation, bliss and heightened arousal of all the senses is usually experienced, at the very least.


Tantric massage, the way we provide it, will make you feel more complete, more whole and more alive than you have ever felt before. You can expect to undergo an awakening of the soul in a truly sensual and erotic way.