Tantric MassageTantra is an art, a science, a spiritual path and a lifestyle.

Tantra is an ancient path originating in conscious spirituality that draws on the healing powers of sexual energy. It opens the heart and the senses to promote change, transformation, vitality and love. Literally Tantra means “weaving” in Sanskrit – the weaving of energy. Spiritual energy – kundalini – is naturally woven together with our sexual energy in our body. It is a way of life.

Tantra is continually expanding, spreading, and manifesting itself like a “cosmic weave,” made up of different energies. This includes thoughts, actions, and all physical matter.


About Us

Tantric Massage Beijing is a luxurious Tantric Temple.

Our Tantric Masage experience is all about you and our sessions are designed specially for you.
we have all facilities for making you enjoy our massages whenever you feel like it, in a very discreet and quite space where you can find the moment of relaxation, sensuality and proximity.

The massage takes place in the warmth and intimacy of our studio. As soon as you arrive, your masseuse will welcome you with a warm smile, she will create a heavenly atmosphere of relaxation and charm just for you.


Benefits of Tantric Massage

Benefits of Tantric MassageTantric massage involves the rubbing and manipulating of muscles, tendons and skin. It is offers multiple benefits, both physically and physiologically.

Pain and Stiffness Relief

Tantric massage can relieve pain and stiffness in the body. It may release endorphins, which act as a pain reliever.

Reduces stress and depression

Tantric massage reduces stress, it helps to experience the expression of your deepest emotions such as love, affection, passion and beyond.

Increased Circulation

Tantric massage can increase circulation and may help control blood pressure, by assisting oxygen and nutrients to reach organs.

Immune System Function

Tantric massage may increase your immune system’s functionality. It stimulates the lymphatic system, which assists the immune system protect the body.

Skin Benefits

benefits-of-tantric-massage-for-malesTantric massage helps remove dead skin cells over the entire body for improved skin tone. The stimulated blood flow benefits the appearance and health of the skin. The massage oil provides moisturizing and other benefits to the skin.

Regular massages can contribute to a healthier immune system. Regular massages can also help you overcome sleep problems; enabling you to get more rest and be more alert while you are awake.

Tantric massage can make you better, happier, passionate and more alive. Tantric massage is designed to help you to feel great about yourself. You will feel more attractive and self confident. Practicing Tantric massage will increase your capacity for more pleasure experience joy and fulfillment as a way of life.

You can expand your whole being through increasing of your senses, feelings and energy.


What makes Tantric Massage Beijing so different

The massage services we offer are designed to give you exactly what you want and then some more. We provide genuine Tantric Experience.
We are based in a very discreet studio in the heart of Beijing.

All our beautiful masseuses have been carefully selected based on their experience, training and empathy in a way that they will make you feel comfortable during all your stay.

We have the ability to customize the massage, adapting ourselves to you after a previous conversation.
The products we use in our massages (balsams, creams, oils, muscle gels, etc.) are top quality and hypoallergenic. We provide you everything you need. So you can come straight from work, sports or some other activity. We ensure the maximum hygiene.

We offer you prior the massage a hot or cold drink.

We never offer sexual services or additional services, such as an escort service. We are very clear about what we offer and our website outlines our full list of available services and their associated charges. Please do not disrespect our professional masseuses by asking for sexual services or by touching them in a sexual way, before, during or after your massage session. Do not try to coerce them into undertaking something that is not part of the Tantric massage session and we also ask that you do not ask to meet them outside of our venue.

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