History Of Tantric Massage In Beijing – The Origins of Pleasure…

History Of Tantric Massage In Beijing – The Origins of Pleasure…

Anyone who has ever treated themself to tantric massage knows that it is absolutely heavenly; an orgasmic, almost outer body experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional massage and takes one to a new level of consciousness. And it doesn’t just feel divine, but also yields multiple therapeutic benefits.

It can revive a fatigued body and restore a tired mind. It can stave off disease and promote sexual awareness, and it can even relieve symptoms of everyday ailments. For those who have been traumatized by rape, molestation or incest, it can also help to heal the emotional scars that hinder intimacy and impede self-confidence.

Origins of Tantric Massage

The concept of tantra, which has influenced cultural Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh traditions, amongst others, dates back thousands of years, and is said to have been founded atop the Himalayas by the medieval Indians. It is grounded on the premise that, through specific teachings, rituals, thoughts, feelings, and acts, or a combination thereof, one can summon internal energy and achieve an altered state of reality.

Tantric massage is one such act, and it has been administered and received by many since the early days. Originally, it was performed by a woman on a man as a sacred act of love – through stimulus of the lingam (penis). But years of research, practice and refinement have made it possible for women to reach these celestial states, too. This is done via manual stimulation of the yoni (vagina), skin, muscles and tendons.

The Meaning of Erotic Tantric Massage

The aim of tantra massage is to awaken kundalini, a superior impending force that lies dormant within the human body. It is said to reside in the sacrum bone that is located at the base of the spine, primarily, coiled up somewhere between the rectum and the naval. This is the base or root ‘chakra’, a feminine, influential life-force epicentre that ultimately passes energy along to an ecstatic release point and triggers elation.

Kundalini, a powerful spiritual energy that can manifest physically, can be activated and balanced in different ways – one being through sensuous stimulation of the body and genitals. The act of systematically kneading and stroking certain ‘vital’ points and simultaneously arousing the five senses, can ‘awaken’ this cosmic power. This leads to advanced spiritual awareness, emotional healing, empowerment, and better health.

Tantric Massage Beijing – Beyond Expectations

Although it dates back many centuries, this practice is still very relevant today, and more folks are opening up to the idea of physical enhancement and spiritual growth through explosive full-body arousal and climax. It is becoming increasingly more mainstream, and several elite Beijing parlours and wellness agencies now offer this specialized service and other exclusive treatments – ours being one of them.

What you will experience during one of our sessions is beyond anything that you have experienced before. You will literally be taken to heaven and back as our stunning, qualified, empathetic masseuses use the fine art of touch to seduce, manipulate and tempt your body, allowing your mind and soul to wander off into the oceanic planes of higher realization. Let Tantric Massage Beijing show you what true bliss is!