Erotic Massages In Beijing. A Blend Of Eroticims And Charm.

Erotic Massages In Beijing. A Blend Of Eroticims And Charm.

A simple, ordinary therapeutic massage has a certain erotic quality about it. The experience of a virtual stranger running their hands over your body with your full consent is bound to feel sensuous, wherever it might happen. But when you enjoy an erotic massage in Beijing, the degree of eroticism is magnified many times over.

Beijing is a busy, vibrant city. It’s steeped in a rich, exotic history that goes back forever, and today, it still retains many echoes of its fascinating past. Modern Beijing carries on a tradition of innovation in an exciting and almost brazen manner. It is known for just about anything, including explosively erotic massages in Beijing.

Channel Physical and Spiritual Energies

An erotic massage has been described as a therapeutic massage on steroids. In general terms, it aims to channel the sexual, physical and spiritual energies of a person into a pleasurable manifestation. Sensual bodywork is not all centred solely on the sexual aspect; it encompasses other, higher forms of pleasure centres to provide a degree of fulfilment that can seldom be found otherwise.

Looking back, in the mid-19th century, major cities like Beijing led the way with a form of erotic massage that is known as hydrotherapy. Water jets were used on patients in ways that often led to highly charged erogenous states of bliss, in an attempt to achieve what was termed, “hysterical paroxysm”, a condition that was considered quite common in women at the time.

Technology in Erotic Massage

Technology advanced the state of erotic massages in Beijing and elsewhere, with the development of a vibrating device. These were in use as early as the 1870s, as mechanical devices. In the early years of the 20th century, they became available as electrical products, and were used in many reputable massage parlours.

It is almost amusing to note that an electric home vibrating unit, designed for personal erotic massage, was freely available on the consumer market almost a full decade before both the electric vacuum cleaner and the electrical iron. Sensual massage was recognised over 100 years ago as being more important than the simplifying of everyday tasks that were performed by the average housewife.

The Perfect Sensual Bodywork Session

Erotic massages in Beijing will often use the term, tantric massage. This is a tradition that has its roots embedded in medieval India. Tantra has influenced Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The practice involves full-body arousal and can be an experience unlike any other. It is claimed by most to surpass the simple act of sex in terms of pure pleasure. It is, in effect, the perfect erotic massage.

An erotic massage should not be considered something that is done just for pleasure – there is so much more to be derived from it. Let it become a whole-body experience; elation that slowly washes over you in delightful pulses of joy to culminate in something truly wonderful, and greater than anything that you have ever experienced. That’s how good erotic massages in Beijing can and should be.